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Hello, My name is Katherine Hamill (Elentori) and I'm a recent graduate of the Ohio State University. This is an art blog full of personal work, fanart, sketches, and any other useful information I find!

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So…I’m starting a new side project! One that involves gender bending the entire straw hat crew both before and after the timeskip. Sanji already had a cute gender bend though so I referenced that 

So my birthday is tomorrow! I decided to make myself a giant brownie xD
(sticky icing is really hard to draw with aye aye)

My birthday is coming up soon, I’ve decided I want a rice cooker and a gun. Gotta enjoy the little things lol

Multivarious Games

Hey guys! I totally work with these awesome people, if you have some spare time you should drop by and check us out : ) 
Not only are we currently working on making two of our own games, we also have a youtube channel where we upload lets plays weekly for fun :D

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Hope you all are having a good day so far, enjoy your weekend!! 

wow I just saw your gif and YOU ARE SO PRETTY GOSHDANGIT your hair is so cute I can't wow

A question by Anonymous

(〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ  <3
come here let me love you 
thanks ^.^ I just cut it actually! (myself…with a pair of dull scissors and a pocketknife…) 


I haven’t slept in…a long time…so I decided to make my first ever gif of myself! Doing…nothing…it took me too long to even realize the camera was working. (That’s my second 2-liter of pop I’m going to die) I guess this was mainly an experiment for making gifs from videos.

Sorry to interrupt your dash with my tired ass, resume your night blogging 

Found these scribbled in an old class notebook and thought they were kinda cute, it’s Castiel and Dean if you can’t tell (Which I totally need to draw more of it’s been forever!) 

I got curious…. 

I’m losing followers for this you guys better enjoy it xD